Recycled Polypropylene (PP)

Our capacity to produce different grades of recycled Polypropylene is more than 500 MT/Month. We can customize all products according to customer demand.

Our capacity for both types of PVC (rigid and soft) is about 1000 MT/ Month.

GradesMFI (190°C/2.16Kg)ColorApplicationTypical Application
PHIBL8- Homopolymer9BlackInjectionHousewares, electrical parts, automobile parts, etc.
PCOBL8- Copolymer (made from car’s bumper scraps)9BlackInjectionStationaries, Housewares, electrical parts, automobile parts, etc.
PHILBR811Light BrownInjectionStationaries, Housewares, electrical parts
PHILG8- Homopolymer9Light GrayInjectionStationaries, Housewares, electrical parts
PRBL8- Random (made from battery case scraps)12White/ BlackInjectionHousewares, electrical parts, furniture, stationaries and automobile parts.

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