Styrene Butadiene Rubber is produced by a technology of cold emulsion co-polymerization based on soaps of rosin and fatty acids. It contains %23.5 of chemically bonded styrene, and is coagulated by styrene and synthetic coagulated. This product is principally used in manufacturing tire, floor converting, footwear, etc.

GradeMooney viscosity (ml 1+4 at 100 °C)Bounded styrene (%)Stain
1500 (non-oil extended)46 – 5823.5NS*
1502 (non-oil extended)46 – 5823.5NS*
1507 (non-oil extended)32 – 4223.5NS*


Poly Butadiene Rubber, produced by the solutions polymerization process, based on Cobalt catalysis have a very high elasticity and degree of resistance to dynamic stress and retain these properties even at extremely low temperature.

GradeMooney viscosity
(ml 1+4 at 100°C)
Volatile matter
1220 (High CIS PBR)41 – 49MAX 0.75Non-Stain
1202 (Low GEL PBR)40 – 50MAX 2000Non-Stain

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