And after all, it’s Greece Market for Plastics!

Greece, a strategic juncture for Europe, Asia and Africa, is among Europe\’s most promising emerging market for plastics, with an estimated market volume of $11 billion by 2018. The plastics market in Greece, expected to increase year by year, is a dynamic sector of the Greek economy as it serves most industries, and has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years due to the massive investments. Plastics in Greece appear in many sectors such as construction, energy, health care, medicine, electronics, engineering, commercial sectors, in everyday life.

The demand for plastic products in Greece increases by six percent annually according to the data of the Association of Hellenic Plastics (AHP). For the last decade the consumption of plastic products into the Greek market is consistently above the average of the processing industry worldwide.

The plastics sector is one of the fast growing sectors in Greece. New orders in that sector have increased by 20 percent since 2017-2018 period. More than 80,000 tons of plastic bags are consumed each year in Greece.

Although there are competitors in this market who serves good volumes and variety of plastic raw materials, but definitely there is a lack of Iranian materials to be available abundantly in the market with good quantity, regularity and competitive rates.

PGPCO, is the only company in Iran who has decided to be officially enter into this market by representing its capabilities in PLASTICA 2018 and discuss face to face with all target companies.

PGPCO welcomes all visitors to meet us at PLASTICA 18 (Metropolitan EXPO) during 12-15 October 2018 at HALL 4 – BOOTH B16.

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