EPS R400

Product Description:

Product Description:
R400 is an EPS class which can be used in production of EPS foam in density ranges above 18 kg/m3 suitable for high quality block molding with a section thickness ot 10 mm and lower


R400 is used for cases and packaging product suitable for food contact, insulation applications is not requiring fire clas-sification, in industrial application inside proton brick with impact absorber and for light concrete application.
Lower densities can be achieved after multiple expansion stages.

Bead size -Diameter0.4-0.7 mm
Blowing agent – pentane>5.3%
Residual styrene monomerLess than 1000ppm
Moisture contentLess than 0.4 %
CFC contentNil
DensityAbove 18 kg/m3

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