GPPS 1115

Product Description:

General purpose polystyrene GPPS 1115 with the easy flow and good clarity. It is recommended for applications where a specific balance of flow and strength are important. In injection moulding, GPPS 1115 possesses low viscosity at the high shear rates. It is particularly suitable for glossy-layer co-extru-sIOn.


Injection moulding, disposable cups, pen barrels, crisper boxes for refrigerators, food containers, gloss layer co-extrusion, loose fill packaging and it can blend with HIPS.

Melt Flow Rate (200°C/5Kg)9 – 11g/10min ASTM – D1238
Vicat softening point (10N)95°CASTM – D1525
Notched IZOD impact strength (23°C)1.5KJ/m?ASTM – D256
Unnotched IZOD impact strength (23°C)8KJ/m?ASTM – D256
Tensile strength at break42MPaASTM – D638
Elongation at break2.5%ASTM – D638
Tensile Modulus2900MPaASTM – D638
Water absorption<0.09%ASTM – D570
Moulding shrinkage0.4 – 0.8%ASTM D – 955

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