Product Description:

HD 7000F is high density polyethylene copolymer (with Butene- 1 as co monomer) which well known for the high quality film applications. It has Bi-model design of molecular composition and thon offers both excellent process ability and superior mechanical properties.


  • ultra-thin film -Shirt bags.

Processing Conditions:

Recommended melt temperature: 200 – 220 °C

Processing Conditions:

The product is supplied in palletized 25-kg bags. HD7000F should be stored dry and away from sources of heat and light.

Melt Flow Rate (190°C/ 2.16Kg)0.04g/10 minISO 1133
Density0.952Kg/m³ISO 1183
Stress at Yield250Kg/cm²ASTM D638
Stress at Break390Kg/cm²ASTM D638
Elongation at BreakAbove 500%ASTM D63
Stiffness10000Kg/cm²ASTM D747
Izod Impact Strength30Kg.cm/cmASTM D256
Hardness Shore D64D scaleASTM D2240
Stress cracking resistanceAbove 500hrASTM D1693
Melting Point131ASTM D2117
Vicat Softening Temperature124ASTM D1525

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