HM-CRP100 – Black

Product Description:

HM-CRP100 Black is a black pipe grade resin (PE100) which is manufactured by suspension polymerization of ethylene monomer. HM-CRP100 Black is a bi-model high density polyethylene with 1-Butene as co monomer.


Top quality PE100 pressure pipes for gas and water transportation at higher pressures or with thinner walls as PE80.


  • Antioxidant/Process stabilizer
  • Lubricant/ acid scavenger
  • Carbon Black
Density0.955 – 0.960g/cm³ISO 1183
FRR (21.6/5)28
MFR (190°C/ 2.16 Kg)6.2g/10 minISO 1133
MFR (190°C/ 5 Kg)0.22g/10 minISO 1133
Notched Impact (23°c)24mj/mm²ISO179/1eA
Hydrostatic Strength (80 ºC)(4.5 N/mm²) 5000HISO 1167

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