Product Description:

18B03 is a LLDPE film grade designed for applications requiring good optical properties even at low extrusion temperature. This resin combines ease of processing with low gels and it is well suited for blending with LDPE and for general purpose applications.


  • Cast film (stretch warp)
  • Blend component for W&C
  • Cross-linked conduits
  • Medium duty packaging


  • Antioxidant
  • Lubricant
  • Acid scavenger

Material properties

Comonomer: Butane – 1 (C4)

PropertyUnitValueTest Method
Density(g/ml)0.916 ± 0.920ASTM D 1505
MFR(190°C/2.16kg)(g/10min)2.8 ± 3.2ASTM D 1238
Dart Impact(g)70ASTM D 1709
Tensile Modulus MD/TD(MPa)115/120ASTM D 882
Elongation MD/TD(%)480/850ASTM D 882
Elongation MD/TD(MPa)50/24ASTM D 882
Elmendorf tear MD/TDg90/350ASTM D1922
Haze(%)2ASTM D 1003
Gloss 45°(%)90ASTM D 2457
Fish EyesGels/m²60-100MTM 17108
Ti contentPpm wt2MTM 15636
Yellowness Index0.5ASTM D1925
F/E Ratio<30ASTM D1238

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