Product Description:

L H5072-03.O is made via UNIPOL® PP technology, which combines the production efficiency of gas phase fluidized bed reactors with the high activity and stereospecificity of the CONSISTA catalyst system. This product is intended for use in stretched tape (raffia) processes, from which the raffia is used to produce woven fabrics for carpet backing, sacking, industrial, geotextile, and rope and twine applications.


  • L H5072-03.O is designed to provide:
  • Consistent processibility
  • Good color stability
  • Low water “carry-over”
  • High speed processing
  • High strength properties
Melt Flow Rate (230 °C, 2.16 kg)3.5 ± 0.3g/10 minASTM D1238
Density0.902Kg/m³ASTM D792
Flexural Modulus (1% secant), @ 1.3 mm/min1500 ± 100MPaASTM D790
Tensile Strength at Yield at 50 mm/min35 ± 4MPaASTM D638
Tensile Elongation at Yield at 50 mm/min8%ASTM D638
Izod Impact Strength (notched) at 23 °C40 ± 5J/mASTM D256

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