Product Description:

HFI5110 is a high molecular weight, high density polyethylene, which has a broad molecular weight distribution and high melt strength. This product specially designed for producing thin films with excellent strength and rigidity.

Typical Application:

HFI5110 is recommended for blown film extrusion. This product is suitable for manufacture of high strength grocery sacks, shopping bags and high quality thin films for uni/multi-wall packaging. Films produced with this product can be readily treated and printed to give high quality graphics

Typical Data:

Melt Flow Rate (190 0C /2 .16 Kg )10dg/minISO 1133
Density (23 °C)951Kg/m³ISO 1183
Tensile Modulus of elasticity1050MPaISO527-1;2
Tear strength TD/MD55/55MPaISO 527-1;3
Tensile Strain at Break (MD)580%ISO 527-1
Tensile Strain at Break (TD)620%ISO 527-1
Tensile stress at Yield26MPaISO 527-1
Tensile stress at Yield10%ISO 527-1
Elemendorf tear strength(MD)250mNISO 6383-2
Elemendorf tear strength(TD)800mNISO 6383-2
Melting Point132°CISO 3146
Vicat Temperature , (A50,50 oC/h , 10N)127°CISO 306

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