LDPE – LIM1922

Product Description:

LIM 1922 is a low-density polyethylene, offering a unique combination of consistent process-ability, flexibility and toughness. This grade developed for application that require a good balance between flow properties and mechanical properties. LIM 1922 has been manufactured under SABTEC licensed technology.

General Information

Status      Commercial: Active
Application      Injection molded articles (toys, household articles, caps, lids, etc.)- Base resin for masterbatches
Form(s)      Pellet
Attribute      Good toughness- Easy process ability- Producing flexible injection molded articles
Additives      Antioxidant: Yes      Antiblock: No      Slip Agent: No

PropertyValueUnitTest Method
Melt Flow Rate (190 0C /2.16 Kg)22dg/minISO 1133
Density919Kg/m³ISO 1183 (A)
Stress at Yield8MPaISO 527-1,2
Stress at Break7MPaISO 527-1,2
Strain at Break400%ISO 527-1,2
Tensile Modulus175MPaISO 527-1,2
Creep Modulus (After 1 hour)80MPaISO 899
Creep Modulus (After 1000 hour)45MPaISO 899
Notched lzod at +23°C42kJ/m²ISO 180 A
Notched lzod at -30 °C5kJ/m²ISO 180 A
Tensile-Impact strength (Notched, Type 1, Method 1B, -30oC)86kJ/m²ISO 8256/1B
Hardness Shore D45ISO 868
Ball Indentation Hardness16MPaISO 2039-1
Deflection Temperature Under Load (0.45 MPa)39°CISO 75
Vicat Softening Temperature (Method A/10N)82°CISO 306
Melting Temperature105°CISO 3146
Melting Enthalpy104J/gISO 3146

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